Alumni Nominations

Each year the Berkeley Preparatory School Alumni Association recognizes alumni who have made contributions to the school and our community. Do you know a former classmate who deserves an award for their professional achievements or volunteers service?

The Nominations Committee of the Alumni Executive Committee reviews the nominations and selects a candidate. The candidate’s name is sent to the Headmaster for final consideration.

Awards are presented during All Alumni Reunion each year.
  • Review the award criteria
  • Submit form online, through email or mail
  • Questions? Contact Director of Alumni Engagement Renee Smith

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  • Alumni Achievement Award

    The Berkeley Alumni Achievement Award recognizes an individual whose professional accomplishments represent extraordinary achievement and in the realization thereof, embody the core values of The Berkeley Preparatory School, including diligence, discipline and integrity, reflecting positively on the school and inspiring its students and alumni.
    Alumni Achievement Award Recipients

    2023Darryl Shaw '84
    2021Leslie Verkauf Cohen '87
    2019Declan Farmer '16
    2018John W. Gray, Jr. '93
    2017Andrew Carron '69
    2016Alexis Saunders '93 (posthumous)
    2015Maulik Pancholy '91
    2014Gregory W. Iglehart '79
    2013Tamara Adler Lundgren '74
    2012Brett D. Divers '85
    2011Bryan L. Baldwin '73
    2010James Arthur Turner III '69
    2009Rebecca Harrison Steele '73
    2008Robert C. Newman '69
    2007Leslie Lubich '81
    2006Barbara Harvey Ryals '79
    2005Peter P. Rowell '64
    2004Martin Baron '72
    2003Sareet Majumdar '81
    2002Michael Powell '73
    2001Elizabeth Jon Wallace Swann '67
    James Terrell Swann '67 
    2000Jeffery M. Reynolds '65
    1999Robin M. Shaw '86
    1998Richard F. Brown '65
    1997Ann Leavengood Giles '72
    1996Julianne Cone McKeel '70
    1995William A. Sahlman '68
    1994Jean K. Stallings '67
    1993Mary Lib Howell '70
    1992Elizabeth Reynolds Hammett '67
    1991Z. Vance Wilson '68
    1990Stephen P. Fluharty '69
    1989Gregory C. Yadley '68
    1988Eric M. Newman '66
    1987Frances R. Friedman '71
  • Distinguished Service Award

    The Berkeley Alumni Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual who, through volunteer and/or vocational endeavors, demonstrates an exemplary commitment to service and to making a positive difference in the quality of life for others in a significant way, either on a personal level or by engaging and empowering others through organizational leadership and local, national or international initiatives.
    Service Award Recipients

    2023Alison Avery '12
    2021Caitlin Reiner Glover '02
    2019Schuyler Arakawa ’11
    2018Allison DeFoor '71
    2017Carlton Ward Jr. '94
    Mallory Lykes Dimmitt '94
    2016Jim Hollingsworth '66
    2015S. Katherine Frazier '84
    2014Elizabeth Davis Dearborn-Hughes '02
  • Athletic Hall of Fame

    Berkeley Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes the efforts and achievements of athletes, coaches, teams and contributors to Berkeley’s athletic program. The Hall of Fame honors those who, by outstanding achievement in athletics or in service to Berkeley Preparatory School athletics, have made lasting contributions to the school.

    Visit Hall of Fame to nominate or to view past recipients.

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Founded in 1960, Berkeley is an independent, Episcopal, college-preparatory day school located in Tampa, FL, for boys and girls in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12. Approximately 1,400 students gather here from the greater Tampa Bay area to form ONE Berkeley.