Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Services and Information

Visiting Team Information:
Berkeley Prep Sports Medicine Staff would like to welcome you and your team to the Tampa Bay area. We hope your experience here is a safe and enjoyable one. We wish to assist you in planning your medical needs for your upcoming travel to our campus.  If you have any questions or special needs regarding the medical services available to your athletes please contact us prior to your arrival.
Weather Policies:
Athletic Department
Lightning Safety Policy and Procedure
Lightning is the most consistent and significant weather hazard that may affect high school athletics, especially in Florida.  While the probability of being struck by lightning is extremely low, the odds are significantly greater when a storm is in the area and the proper safety guidelines and precautions are not followed.
The chain of command for making the decision to remove a team or individuals from an athletic site or event is as follows:  When present the School Administrator, Crisis Management Leader, Head Coach and/or Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer is responsible for keeping track of the proximity of imminent lightning activity, and ceasing all activity until safety is noted as stated in the procedure below:
Requirements for lightning safety:
  1. Prevention is key.  The coaching and/or sports medicine staff should check the weather reports each day before a practice or event.
  2. The coaching and sports medicine staffs should know the location of the closest safe shelter to the site and the time needed to reach this area.
    1. A safe shelter is defined as: Any sturdy building that has metal plumbing or wiring or both, to ground the structure.
  3. The coaching and sports medicine staff should be aware of how close lightning is striking.
    1. The use of the Telvent Weather Service and Lightning Monitoring through text message.
  1. If we receive a notice by text message that there has been a strike of lightning within an 8 mile radius, all activity should cease and all persons should seek immediate shelter.
  2. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes to pass after the LAST strike of lightning.  The Telvent Weather Service monitors all lightning strikes and will send an “all clear” text when it is safe to resume activities.
  3. Lightning strike victims do not carry an electrical charge.  Thus CPR is safe to render to any fallen victim of lightning.

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What do I do when my son or daughter has sustained an injury during a Berkeley or non-Berkeley Sporting event?

    Have your son or daughter see the Athletic Trainer as soon as possible to get the injury evaluated.  If further medical attention is required it can be expedited as soon as possible.  As well as keeping the coaches aware if the athlete needs special accommodations for practice or games.
  • Q. What exactly do I need to do if my son or daughter receives a concussion?

    As per Florida State Law, all student athletes receiving a concussion must be removed from play and evaluated.  If any symptoms of a concussion exist, they are not allowed to return to play that same practice or game.   All upper division student athletes have received the computer based concussion test, the ImPACT test.  We will repeat that test as well as monitor symptoms.  The student athlete will also need to be evaluated by a physician.  Once evaluated, the athletic trainer will provide you with more information.
  • Q. Are athletic injuries covered by Berkeley Health Insurance?

    Athletic Injuries that happened as a result to a Berkeley sponsored athletic event (home or away) are covered by your insurance as primary and school insurance would be secondary.   The athletic trainers will complete an injury report and then submit to the athletic office to then submit it to our insurance company.
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