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Upper Division Helping Others

In the Upper Division, students provide service within the community, both formally and informally. The purpose of community service in the Upper Division is to foster responsibility, commitment, and community spirit, while helping students learn about themselves and the world around us. For a student’s formal service requirement, it is expected that he or she find volunteer opportunities in the community. The expectation is that this will be an activity both interesting and rewarding, and that the student will realize the value of contributing to the community. The goal for each student is to perform meaningful community service, an act which demonstrates charity and a genuine caring for humanity.

Each student in the Upper Division is required to complete and submit documentation for community service hours. Students in grades 9-11 must complete at least 22 hours of community service each year. Students in grade 12 are required to complete at least 10 hours of community service. Further, students in grades 11 and 12 are required to complete at least half of their required hours at a non-Berkeley agency.

Service to others occurs throughout the school year. Drives, enrichment and tutoring programs, as well as student-run initiatives, all aim to provide service opportunities that authentically meet the needs of our community. Service in Berkeley’s Upper Division is guided by a student service council comprised of representatives from grades 11 and 12.

The grade 12 service experience culminates with Senior Buddy Day. Twelfth graders host Redlands Christian Ministries Association (RCMA) children on Berkeley’s campus, engaging in games and activities planned and led by the senior class. This project brings the senior class together, reinforces their commitment to making a positive difference, and provides a memorable experience for RCMA’s kids.

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